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Fake Tweet Generator: How to make a fake tweet conversation?

There are lots of fake Twitter conversations out there which are spread like wildfire on the web. There are tweets about prime ministers discussing the World War and chats discussing fictional characters who act as they exist in the real world. All of it is created using fake tweet generators.

Here are two ways in which you can use these conversation images generated by a fake tweet generator. 

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Fake Tweet Generator: How to make a fake tweet conversation?

There are lots of fake Twitter conversations out there which are spread like wildfire on the web. There are tweets about prime ministers discussing the World War and chats discussing fictional characters who act as they exist in the real world. All of it is created using fake tweet generators

Here are two ways in which you can use these conversation images generated by a fake tweet generator.

  • Also, they make for really fun little graphics. They can be used ideally to make your audience laugh, convey an inside joke, or communicate anything humorous that people would enjoy reading. Fans of TV shows, films, and video games have been making them for years.
  • Furthermore, you can use them for marketing your brand’s products or services. People of specific demographics can be targeted to increase Twitter engagement in a fun manner. These are highly shareable pieces of content and people will love sharing them on their social networks too. 

Creating an amazing fake conversation doesn’t require any kind of designing or coding experience. You need only two major things to pull it off:

  • A reliable tool for making fake tweets
  • Some good brainstorming there! 

Whatever your purpose for creating a fake conversation is, here are a few Twitter generators that will make your own fake posts for you. They are free to use and all of them don't even require to be downloaded. Just go to their websites to make fake tweets within mere 5 minutes!

Tweet generator tools for making fake tweets 

  • Creating Faked Tweets with Zeoob

Fake Tweet Post

Mockups of tweets with celebrities can be made using this tool. They have the potential to be used for mocking friends, followers, etc. This fake tweet generator works by uploading profile pictures of yourself and another person.

Next, you enter your name, along with your Twitter handle and the other users. Set the time and date for the tweet and type your tweet in the chatbox.

It is possible to set the number of likes and retweets to show for a specific tweet. The official blue verification tick may also be added. In addition to text, this generator allows you to add an image to your fake tweet.

You can set up your device's name as well. As an example, ‘Twitter for Android’

When you are done customizing the generated image, click on the ‘Save it’ button. This will enable you to share the image directly to your social media profile and can save it as an image on your computer.

  • You can generate fake tweets on Prank Me Not

Fake Tweet on Prank Me Not

A fake tweet generator with an easy to use user interface. Go to and click the Twitter tab. Then click the Twitter button. With the Twitter button, you can make a fake tweet and a fake direct message.

To create a fake post, you need to upload a picture, choose a username, and insert a message, which will become the content of your fake post. You can also add a link somewhere within the text. Next, select the date and time of the fake tweet.

You can choose whether or not to show whether you are following that person. The text for the follow site and follow button can also be changed according to your choice. 

It is possible to choose whichever language you would like to use in your fake tweet. Nine different languages are included in this fake tweet generator. After choosing a language, click the name of whoever you want to have a fake chat with.

When you are ready you may upload separate profile pictures for both yourself and the other person by switching between the tabs ‘Person1’ and ‘Person2’.

By switching between the tabs, you set the time when each message sends. You can add a photo text, message text, and a footer to your fake tweet. Once all the details are filled in, the generator lets you save the fake tweet conversation as an image.

  • Simulator – Fake tweet and message generator

Simulator - Fake Tweet

This simulator is similar to Prank me Not, a fake tweet generator. Besides Twitter, you can also generate fake chats and statuses for Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Yahoo answers, iPhone messaging, and so much more.

To generate a fake tweet, you need to enter the following information:

  • This is a picture of me on social media.
  • An example of a Twitter username
  • Text that will be displayed as the tweet
  • A link or mention, if any
  • The date and time of the tweet
  • Tweeters can choose to follow/unfollow a person
  • Text embedded
  • The Reply, Retweet, Favorite, and More buttons

For a fake conversation, you will need to fill out the following information:

  • It should be their name that you are having the conversation with.
  • These are the profile pictures of both people.
  • Threaded chat
  • The time at which messages were sent
  • The message and time can be entered one by one by switching between person 1 and person 2. As many messages as you want can be entered.

Normally, the pictures can be downloaded as JPGs after filling in all the information. However, the quality is typically not up to the mark. Thus, a screenshot is recommended instead of clicking the save button directly on the generator.

  • Generating Twitter-like fake posts and fake pop-ups

    Generating Twitter Fake Posts

You can create 3 different types of things with this fake tweet maker: fake tweet, fake account blocked message and fake account suspension message. It uses Twitter’s new look that makes it difficult to realize that it is fake. 

When creating a fake tweet, you have the option of selecting the theme. Choose from three options: Light, Dim, and Dark. Next, you need to upload the fake tweet profile picture. Only upload a square photo, otherwise, it will get stretched and appear improperly in the tweet. Next, enter the name and Twitter handle. Only letters, numbers, and underscores can be used in the Twitter handle.

Next, enter the content of your tweet. (@) mentions and (#) hashtags will automatically become links. In that case, use LINK to insert a link into the tweet. You can also upload an image in a tweet. Please note that only JPG and PNG images are accepted.

Then you must select the date and time of the tweet. For the number of likes and retweets, you can enter any number you choose, or click on the ‘Randomize’ button and some random number will be automatically entered in the tweet.

Finally, you can choose the device type (client), such as 'Twitter for iPhone', 'Twitter Web App', or 'Twitter for Android'. After placing all the details, save the image and share it on all your social networks.

  • The Won-how-to Fake Tweet Maker

    Fake Tweet Maker

The following tools can be used to generate fake tweets with replies: Twitter font generator, fake tweet generator, and fake messenger chat. Using these tools, you can create an entire thread without using any photoshop.

There are three themes you can pick in this tool. This tool can be used to make fake tweets.Upload your tweet info first. Add a profile picture, a Twitter handle, and a name. Write the tweet text, set the date, time, and number of likes and retweets. Choose whether to have a blue tick under your username or not.

Once you have finished creating your main tweet, you can add other replies. Input the name of the person and the reply text. Fill in the same details that you filled in for your main tweet. Take a picture and share it wherever you like!

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